Infinity Racing - Rennteam der Hochschule Kempten e.V.

a.k.a Infinity Racing

UniversityUAS Kempten
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FSC Team Infinity Racing - Rennteam der Hochschule Kempten e.V.

Team Description

This is the fourth year of Kempten's Infinity Racing Driverless Team.
Since the years before did not work out as hoped, we are now ready to take the competition and are full of motivation.
One of our most debilitating Challanges is to compete against the electic vehicles. If you did not know yet, we are modifing a Combustion vehicle to drive autonomous.
Not only the Electronic Throttle is something we have to implement additionally as autonomous CV, but also the energy management for all the necessary driverless systems. For example our selve-developed braking system.

Partners of FSG 2021