Formula Student Team Weingarten Electric

a.k.a FSTW EV

UniversityUniversity of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten
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FSC Team Formula Student Team Weingarten
FSD Team Formula Student Team Weingarten Driverless

Team Description

The Formula Student Team Weingarten is the racing team of UAS Weingarten, established in 2008 and located in the south of germany.
One of our major philisophies is building a lightweight car, we have been building the lightest 4-cylinder car in Formula Student for multiple years.
In 2018 we have added a driverless car to our roster, becoming one of the very few teams that competed with an autonomous vehicle using an internal combustion engine.
For the 2022 season we are building our first electric racecar to remain on the cutting edge of technology and explore this new field, we hope our experience with the driverless cars will also help us in developing our first EV/DV in the future.

Partners of FSG 2022