Team Details

As of 2022, this class has been integrated into the other two classes.

KA-RaceIng Driverless

UniversityKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Social Media facebook X youtube
FSC Team KA-RaceIng Combustion
FSE Team KA-RaceIng Electric

Team Description

KA-RaceIng is building two cars in the season 2021 with a team of about 75 members. We couldn't finish our cars designed in 2020. Therefore we decided to finalize the cars in 2021 and give them some smaller upgrades on the way. We focus on testing and evaluating the new concepts and designs of the KIT21d and KIT21e. We've built 13 race car with a combustion engine and the KIT21e will be our 11th car with an electric drivetrain. This year we will build a driverless car for the 5th time. The KIT21d will be built on the base of the continuously improved 2015 electric car.

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