As of 2022, this class has been integrated into the other two classes.

HTW Berlin Motorsport DV

UniversityHochschule fĂĽr Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
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Team Description

HTW Motorsport Team

Every season 40 teammembers show their passion for motorsport. To master such a big task as designing, manufacturing and marketing a racecar, we need a very diverse team. Nearly every course of study is represented in our team, including Economic Sciences, Museum Studies Electronic Engineering, IT and of course Automotive and Mechanical Engineering. The gained knowledge from professional expertise, studies and internships is a key factor to design a race car as well as for the controlling, marketing, project management and organizational tasks. The interdisciplinary nature of the project fosters the team to extend the knowledge not only in their own department but also in other departments of the project. We are not only a highly motivated and dynamic team with a communicative atmosphere, but we also have the courage to
implement progressive and innovative ideas. The interdisciplinary cooperation allows us to design and build a new race car every season which creates an extremely dynamic environment that enables us to display our motivation.

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