Team Kratos Racing Electric

a.k.a TKR

UniversityPimpri Chinchwad College Of Engineering
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Car Weight221.00 kg
FSC Team Team Kratos Racing

Team Description

"Success is never owned, it is rented. And the rent is due every day.”

Team Kratos Racing was started as a student initiative in 2014 by 8 engineering students who shared the same passion and same obsession, the passion for motor sport, and the obsession with cars! Thus, Team Kratos Racing was brought to life.

We started with Fireblade 1.0, our first car (which Claude can only describe as a “heavy mama”). But we were not done, the Fire blade 2.0 was the lightest combustion car in India that went on to win SAE SUPRA. There was no turning back now. Every year we strived to improve and innovate and went on to grab the Overall first position at the event thrice in a row!

After building 4 combustion cars, we moved forward to developing fully-electric racing cars in 2018. And thus, the birth of Thunderblade 1.0, which went on to win the first prize at Formula Bharat ’19 and score the greatest number of points in Formula Student history 943/1000.

In 2019, we once again took on a major challenge by building a complete CFRP monocoque chassis for our latest car Thunderblade 2.0 which won laurels for the 'Best Electric Power train' by Micelio Mobility and standing overall 3rd at Formula Bharat 2020.

As we all know, success is a journey and not a destination.
We would keep pushing ourselves day in day out and would try to be an example for all of those who
Dare to Dream.

FS past achievements for Pimpri Chinchwad College Of Engineering

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