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As of 2022, this class has been integrated into the other two classes.

Sapienza Corse Driverless

a.k.a SC DC

UniversityUniversità degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"
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FSC Team Sapienza Corse
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Team Description

Gajarda is the car of Sapienza Corse. It was first built in 2008 when a group of young students of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" decided to apply theoretical notions to real problems, such as those of a racing car. It’s first event was in FSAE (Formula SAE) Italy 2008 held on the Fiorano race track.

In 2009 with the Gajarda the team took part in two different competitions: FSAE Italy (Varano de’ Melegari) and FSG (Formula Student Germany) (Hockenheimring), where the car finished for the first time the endurance event.

Even in the next year Gajarda competed in FSAE Italy and FSG earning respectively 15 positions and 31 positions in the event ranking since the past year.

The season in 2011 let us reach the 61th position in the world ranking, showing a great performance in FSG and FSAE Italy.

In 2012 we participated with Gajarda in FSA (Formula Student Austria), FSG and FSAE Italy with the first hybrid monocoque, with the front end in a carbon fibre monocoque and the rear with a tubular structure.

With Gajarda the team participated in FSG, FSAE Italy and FSS (Formula Student Spain), competing in the design finals in Barcelona with the first full carbon monocoque.

In 2014 even having the first aerodynamic package with front and rear wings the season was unlucky, missing FSG and attending only in FSAE Italy.

In 2015 we competed with the with the same car in FSG and FSS. The Gajarda AWD (All Wheel Drive) project started in the same season.

During the FSUK (Formula Student UK) in 2016 the project of Gajarda AWD, with an all wheel drive system and full aero package, was presented in Class 2 giving us the overall victory in the competition.

With hard work in 2017 the first Gajarda AWD was built giving us the fame of the only formula student team having an all-wheel drive car with a combustion engine in the competitions. Gajarda AWD competed in FSAE and FSG, where we won the MTU Most Innovative Powertrain Award.

In the next year Gajarda AWD competed in FSUK and FS EAST, winning the Bosch Best Engineered Brake System Award and the AMG HPP Best PWT Installation of IC Engine Award in FSUK. In 2018 the driverless project begun permitting us to compete the next year in the DV class.

2019 was a great season for Sapienza Corse. With the first ever driverless car with a combustion engine we competed against top teams in the DV class, placing 3rd in the Acceleration and Autocross events in FS EAST and winning the 1st overall in FSAE Italy. We closed the season 2019 competing in FSG placing 3rd in the Acceleration Event.

With a new team and more knowledge Sapienza Corse will try to make a better race car to compete in the next seasons!

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