Team Details

As of 2022, this class has been integrated into the other two classes.

Team Defianz Racing DTUSDC


UniversityDelhi Technological University
FSC Team Team Defianz Racing
FSE Team Team Defianz Racing Electric

Team Description

We're a 40 member strong Formula Student team hailing from Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE), New Delhi, India. The team designs and manufactures progressively reliable and advanced formula cars every year from scratch through a multi-faceted R&D approach. We have been participating in national and International Formula Student competitions since 2003, namely Formula Bharat, FS United Kingdom, FS Czech Republic, etc.
Till 2019, we participated in the combustion vehicle category under Formula Student. But, to up the stakes further and to truly broaden our horizon, we decided that we'll aim to become India’s first team with a fully working Driverless/Self-Driving Vehicle.

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