19 March 2022 19:50

Volunteering @ FSG 22 - Register now!

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You can't get enough of Formula Student? Then join our great community of volunteers. It takes around 450 volunteers to bring Formula Student Germany to life every year. Our team of volunteer’s functions like a well-oiled machine, tackling the ever-growing challenges of the annual event with honed skill and passionate dedication.

The volunteers are divided into different groups according to their skill set. If you want to learn more about the inidividual areas of responsibility, you can find out more about the different groups in our magazine starting on page 42. 

The registration is open! We would be happy to see you at Hockenheim at FSG 2022. 

If you are interested into the following tasks:

  • Copy Editor
  • Social Media Content Creator
  • Photographers
  • Videographers

Please send us a brief portfolio to ci.jobs(at)formulastudent.de. 

See you on track!

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