06 April 2019 11:55

FSG Driverless Starters Workshop in Munich at AID on Sat 11th of May

Category: Academy, Formula Student Driverless

©FSG - Alastair Rankin

To help teams getting started with DV technology FSG will organize a Driverless starters workshop. This workshop focuses on bringing the driverless technology to everybody who is already familiar with Formula Student cars but have not yet developed a car including driverless technology.

So if you are interested in the DV class or want to start preparing for the DV Acceleration planned for 2021, this workshop is for you! Experienced Formula Student DV participants and industrial professionals will provide in depth information and address a wide array of Formula Student Driverless specific issues to help you get started.

The registration starts on Monday 2019-04-15 13:00 CEST. Further information can be found here: 

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge, meet Formula Student experts and get to know experienced as well as newly founded teams. The workshop language will be English.

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