FSG is not responsible for any campground near the competition venue. But the Hockenheimring GmbH will arrange two campsites for participants / guests: C2 & C3. The campsites will open on Monday at 9:00 and close on Monday at 12:00 midday. A fee of 15 Euros/person/night will be charged. This fee includes power supply, cars and use of facilities. The fees must be paid directly to the Hockenheimring GmbH at the campsite entrance. As all competing teams can be accommodated on the two campsites, it allows for the easy and safe access to evening activities (such as BBQ's and social gatherings) after a full day on the paddock and from this strengthens the FS community alongside the competition. Due to the location of the campgrounds, earplugs are highly recommended as noise from the local Autobahn may cause discomfort whilst sleeping. Please notice: you will need the blue CCE sockets for power supply (230V/16A): 

Between 22:00 and 6:00 no loud music is allowed on the entire campsite.

All teams have to care about bookings or/and information themselves, FSG can not attend any accommodations for the teams. The operator of the camping site is the Hockenheimring GmbH itself, please contact them directly for any belongings. 


Alternative Campgrounds

Campingplatz Astoria
Schwetzinger Straße 98, 69190 Walldorf
Distance to Hockenheimring: 12 km (14 min. by car) 

Erholungsanlage St. Leoner See
Am St. Leoner See 1, 68789 Sankt Leon-Rot
Distance to Hockenheimring: 6,5 km (11 min. by car)

Camping Speyer Werner Brendel
Am Rübsamenwühl 31, 67346 Speyer
Distance to Hockenheimring: 16 km (21 min. by car)