#FSG23 will take place from 14th to 20th of August 2023 in Hockenheim.

FSC: 25 registered FSC teams, 5 pending teams and 32 teams on the waiting list.

FSE: 69 registered FSE teams, 1 pending team and 96 teams on the waiting list.


26. January 2023

FSG 2023 Kick Off: FSG Registration Quiz 2023 on Friday, January 27th, 13:00 CET & World Ranking List Updated

Category: Competition, Award

Here we go again! Tomorrow, the annual FS Quiz marathon will kick off the season for the European Formula Student Events 2023! Be ready for the FSG Registration Quiz at 13:00 CET: We have prepared a great set of questions to...

13. December 2022

Electrical System Officer Qualification

Dear teams, since the very first Formula Student Electric Rules we wrote back in 2009, we have required a Safety Responsible person in the team who has HV experience. This was always intended to ensure that at least one person...

05. December 2022

Volunteers registration is open - on #InternationalVolunteersDay

Category: Competition, Registration

A Formula Student Germany without our volunteers would not be imaginable. Around 50 dedicated motorsport enthusiasts work hard to organize the event throughout the year. On site, over 400 helping hands transform the...

23. November 2022

Rules 2023 v1.1 published

The Rules 2023 v1.1 including your input are now published: https://fsg.one/rules. Thank you for all your feedback. We will answer to all tickets in the feedback tracker. Changes in v1.1 can be easily found using the...

04. October 2022

Rules 2023 v1.0 published - feedback welcome until Tuesday, 2022-10-18

The rules for 2023 are now published: https://fsg.one/rules. If you find errors or inconsistencies in the document or have a remark how to improve it, please use the Rules Feedback Tool to let us know. https://fsg.one/RF This...

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