FSG 2019 will be held from 5th until 11th of August 2019 in Hockenheim.

FSC: 60 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 21 teams on the waiting list.

FSD: 18 registered FSD teams, 0 pending teams and 8 teams on the waiting list.

FSE: 40 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 39 teams on the waiting list.

FSG Academy

FSG Academy 20190511 - AID in Munich: Currently there are 59 registered teams and 0 pending teams.

06. April 2019

FSG Driverless Starters Workshop in Munich at AID on Sat 11th of May

Category: Academy, Formula Student Driverless

To help teams getting started with DV technology FSG will organize a Driverless starters workshop. This workshop focuses on bringing the driverless technology to everybody who is already familiar with Formula Student cars but...

01. February 2019

Registration Quiz Results + Protest Time

313 teams participated in the FSG registration quiz. We analysed the logs and could not find any problematic questions nor technical problems. Therefore, we will publish the correct answers on Saturday at 13:00 CET on our...

28. January 2019

FSG19 Competition Handbook V1.0 and test registration are online!

The FSG 2019 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2019, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It also gives details on the...

14. January 2019

SES, SESA and IAD forms are online

The SES, SESA and IAD Forms are now available in the important documents section. Please use these forms and included instructions for your document uploads. The SES Form is an updated version of the one used last year at FSG....

22. November 2018

An outlook on FSG 2021 and the following seasons

Category: Competition, 2021, 2022

FSG is pushing the Driverless development even farther, while keeping all mechanical engineering development. Thereby we want to set a challenging exercise for diverse engineering teams and give all participating students the...

21. November 2018

FSG Academy at ZF in Friedrichshafen - Media

Category: Academy, 2019, Competition

Last Saturday, 300 students from 72 teams attended the FSG Academy kick-off event for FSG2019 at the ZF Forum in Friedrichshafen. Many thanks to ZF and all involved for the wonderful day! For all who could not attend, we have...

18. November 2018

2019 Competition & Registration Dates

Category: Competition, 2019

The FSG Registration Quiz will be held on 2019-02-01 13:00 CET. FSG 2019 will be held from 2019-08-05 until 2019-08-11 in Hockenheim. Both of these days have been chosen in coordination with the other European...

11. November 2018

Spaces left for FSG Academy 2018 at ZF Friedrichshafen

Due to a technical glitch, we now have some spaces left for this years FSG Academy at ZF Friedrichshafen. Until 2018-11-11 13:00 CET the same procedures as for the first part of the normal registration apply: Only 5 team members...

01. November 2018

Free Online Workshop - Aerodynamics and CFD with SimScale

Category: Academy, Workshops, 2018

SimScale and Formula Student Germany are joining forces for the third time to offer a free workshop series about the application of CFD in Formula Student. Participants will receive a hands-on, interactive introduction to the...

21. October 2018

FSG Academy 2018 at ZF in Friedrichshafen

Category: Academy, 2018, Workshops

The yearly FSG academy main event offering support and information to Formula Student teams will be held on Saturday the 17th of November 2018 at ZF in Friedrichshafen. It is open to anyone who is a registered member of a Formula...