08 October 2017 20:34

Win Tickets for Electronics in vehicles - ELIV 2017

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The VDI awards tickets for the first 10 participants to the most important branch meeting of electronic experts in the automotive industry - the VDI Congress "Electronics in vehicles - ELIV". The congress focuses on the top and future themes in the automotive sector with the topics "Highly Automated Driving", "Smart & Connected Car" and "Electromobility 2025". With more than 75 lectures, 120 exhibitors and 1600 participants, the event offers great networking opportunities. You are allowed to participate at the competition, if you are active FSG team member and member of the VDI. The winners of the tickets will be informed middle of next week.

The international VDI Congress ELIV (ELectronics In Vehicles) is THE event for all experts in the field of electrical and electronical car engineering and integration of mechanical and electronical systems. Decision-makers and specialists representing car manufacturers, component suppliers, service providers and universities have been meeting for more than 30 years to announce innovations, share views and set the course for key decisions of the future.

The congress does not just address the “classic electronic topics“ like vehicle wiring system, control and display concepts, hardware and software but particularly takes account for current issues like Electromobility, Automated Driving, Driver Assistance Systems and Connected Car.

This exchange of views amongst car manufacturers and component suppliers is more and more becoming a must-be-there event to detect innovations, developments and problems at an early stage. To complement the expert talks, participants can catch up on new products and services at the adjacent exhibition, which is held in parallel to the event, where they can get in contact with more than 120 component suppliers and service providers.

The ELIV will be held on October 18-19, 2017 in the World Conference Center in Bonn.


Click here to win the tickets.


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