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07 March 2022 16:54

War in Ukraine

Category: General

We are shocked, upset and deeply saddened by the attack on Ukraine and the ongoing war in which people on both sides are dying completely senselessly, in Europe, in 2022.

Year after year, about 1000 university teams from 54 different countries meet at the worldwide competitions and thus contribute to intercultural understanding. These are young, talented people who compete against each other for a week with their self-built vehicles and then celebrate at the campsite in the evening. The experiences and friendships shape them for life.

The two teams from Ukraine, Odessa Polytechnic National State University and National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev), are currently having to defend their country and fear for their own lives and those of their loved ones.

In order to help the suffering people, it is certainly important and right to support the experienced humanitarian organisations. We do not want to highlight any particular organisation here.

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