04 March 2008 11:03

Visa for FSG 2008

Category: Competition
By: Leona Ehrenreich

Dear registered teams for FSG 2008,

we are glad you registered for the event and are looking forward to meet you in Hockenheim. If you need an official invitation in order to get your visa please tell us. It takes a little time to reply to all teams so give us all the information needed a.s.a.p. (the latest by May 1st).

To write a personal invitation we will need the full names of all attending team members, their passport number, passport date of issue, passport expiration date as well as their date of birth and place of birth. Additionally we will need everyone’s address of residence and the University address. Please make sure that all this information is correctly entered on our webpage by each member.

Best regards,

Leona Ehrenreich

Partners of FSG 2023