27 June 2015 09:00

Vehicle Status Video

Category: General, Competition, 2015

Dear teams,

The upload deadline for your vehicle status video comes closer. "All teams must upload a video showing the car running under his own power prior the competition. The Vehicle Status Video and Vehicle Status Report must be uploaded to the ‘My Team’ area on the FSG website no later than July 3rd, 2015, 1200 CEST."

Here are some hints to you what we evaluate and how you will pass the review directly at the first time.

  • respect FSE/FSC rule 3.10 (Testing and Work Safety)
  • wearing proper suit, helmet, gloves etc. (FSAE rules T14ff.)
  • fasten your seatbelts and close your helmet
  • TSAL must be clearly visible flashing (make sure your resolution and frame rate of the movie is proper to your TSAL cycle)
  • answer request within defined time to avoid penalties or disqualifications
  • start your movie with a close up of the car
  • show us your car is moving by e-motors or engine and not by grade resistance

One last thing - do not gamble with the upload deadline. Teams on the waiting list will say thank you to you. There is no offered competition to upload movies as late as possible to our target time.

Good luck for the last steps.
See you in Hockenheim.

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