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08 February 2022 19:13

Updating Your Remote Emergency System (RES) Device

Category: Competition, 2022

As stated in the rule DE 7.4.2 of the Competition Handbook, all RES must be of the latest 2022 hardware revision (with e-key). Older models must be sent in to Gross-Funk in order to be upgraded.

This mainly includes a way to ensure exclusive race frequencies (e-key) and a lower risk of interference due to the increased amount of autonomous vehicles. The sales price of new RES devices will not be increased.

The upgrade is done by Groß-Funk at cost price: 350 EUR excl VAT. FSG subsidises this amount with 200 EUR per device per team to all DV teams participating in Hockenheim. Groß-Funk invoices us directly.

To let the rework run smooth, we will contact the participating teams with autonomous vehicles and assign one slots of 2 weeks each, when to send in your RES to Gross-Funk. That should run the update until end of March with the lowest downtime possible for everyone.

If you have any questions, please use your personal helpdesk link in your account, as always: .

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