04 August 2018 06:27

[UPDATE] Team and truck entrance on Monday and Tuesday (copy 1)

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[Update]: On Tuesday, until 15:30, a maximum of 7 DV/EV team members with pink passes may enter specific areas on the venue. The only accessible areas are the dynamic area, charging tent and pit building. CV access will start at 15:30.

Entering the Hockenheimring with your team truck and your team is split in three timeslots. All DV teams and the first two EV teams can enter on Monday from 10:00 to 12:00. The remaining 38 EV team can enter from 15:00 to 20:00. During the whole Monday all teams can only be on site with no more than 7 team members. These team member can be interchanged throughout the day. Please see the map attached below how to drive your team truck to the pits and how to move on the competition site which is still being build up during Monday.

All CV teams can enter from 15:30 until 19:30 on Tuesday. From Tuesday 15:30 on, all registered team members of all classes can enter the competition site, the limitation to 7 is no longer valid. The route for the team trucks on Tuesday is different, see the attached map for Tuesday.

Only registered team members and team trucks can enter the competition site. Registration takes place before the entrance, see schedule for details.

No team can enter the competition site for unloading with more than one team truck. Every team truck must be no longer than 12m including a possible trailer. Further details about the entrance procedure can be found in the competition handbook.

See the map for Monday here:  fsg.one/map-monday

See the map for tuesday here:  fsg.one/map-tuesday

See the competition handbook here: fsg.one/rules

See further details in the schedule: fsg.one/schedule

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