31 July 2015 15:09

Update of FSG 2015 Sponsor Challenge (FSGS)

Category: FSG Award, Competition, 2015

Participating sponsors are requested to show on Saturday morning for a full drivers briefing at 9.30 in the Marquee above Pits. 

The acceleration line up is on Saturday at 12.45 in the pit lane in front of Box 2/3 for technical inspection. Actual start of FSGS acceleration on the Hockenheimring start-finish line will be at 1.15 pm. 

On Sunday, the static evaluation of the concept vehicles will take place. Time and place will be published on saturday.

In the Formula Student Germany 2015 Sponsor Challenge (FSGS) event sponsors have to design, construct and race a customized vehicle. The basic vehicle was provided by FSG. FSGS has its own rules: everything is allowed, particularly help from teams and third parties is very welcome. Use of explosives require scrutineering and of course a scrutineering order. 

A first glimpse at concepts as well as names will be presented at tonights Award Ceremony Part 1 in the Marquee above pits. 

Good luck to all contestants!

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