06 August 2018 17:31

[UPDATE] FSG18 Special Awards Finalists & Schedule

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The Special Awards is a section in engineering design where the teams have the possibility to show and present some innovations they implemented in their car.
Every year several sponsors offer the great opportunity to FSC and FSE teams to apply for this kind of Awards upfront the event. The chosen finalists can present their concepts to the Special Awards judges and have the chance to convince them that their engineering design concept is the best.

This year the Special Awards are as followed:

We received a quite number of applications and here are the chosen finalists for #FSG18:

  • FSE DE 18 Karlsruhe KIT : BASF, Daimler
  • FSE DE 23 Amberg OTH : Daimler
  • FSE DE 31 München TU : BASF, Daimler
  • FSE CH 33 Zürich ETH : Daimler
  • FSE NO 63 Trondheim NTNU : BASF
  • FSE NL 85 Delft TU : BASF
  • FSC DE 229 Stuttgart U : BASF
  • FSC DE 369 Hamburg UAS : MTU
  • FSC DE 258 Paderborn U : MTU
  • FSC DE 294 Esslingen UAS : MTU

Congratulations to all finalists and all the best for the final presentation.

Please see the attached schedule for more information and judging times.

Changelog 07.08.2018

BASF Award: changed position 85 Delft TU and 31 München TU in the schedule (new v3)

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