10 August 2016 10:21

Tire Handling: Clarification for Tire Marking of Event Tires

Category: General, 2016

Following the unclear situation about utilisation and marking of the one dry and one wet tire set for the use during the dynamic events in FSG 2016 following rules apply in handling of it:

Marking the tire/ rim combination can be done whenever the team has prepared their dynamic event tire set and must be presented at srutineering together with the technical inspection sheet for being marked. (Means: the tires do not have to be marked during initial scrutineering!)

However for the technical inspection of the car during scrutineering the car has to show with tires of the same spec that will be used later ( specified as dry tire according to FSAE Rule T6.4.1 in size and compound.)

Once the tire/ rim combination is marked, changes are not allowed, except technical failure described in FSG Rule 4.7.

Teams need to consider the limited tire change and scrutineering capacities provided by FSG. Tires can be marked at the pre inspection bay during the opening times.

Participation of any dynamic event with unmarked tires will not be permitted. For that reason it is up to the teams to guarantee the tire marking happening in time before start of the dynamics respecting capacity restrictions.

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