24 May 2019 22:51

The updated FSG 2019 Competition Handbook is online!

Category: 2019, Competition

The FSG 2019 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2019, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It has been updated in the following chapters.

DE4.1.2  Typo corrected.
DE4.3.4  Clarified confiscated goods pickup.
DE4.11.1  Added driver egress in the pits.
DE4.11.2  Changed process of new pre-inspection appointment.
DE4.13  Removed redundant rules about start time of time slots.
DE4.13.2  Added pre-inspection time slot duration.
DE4.15.4  Removed inspection queue manager.
DE4.16.2  Changed deadline for accumulator delivery.
DE4.16.3  Changed penalty for accumulator delivery.
DE4.16.4  Accumulator delivery must be registered.
DE5.3.2  Added page restriction for Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES)
DE6.3.2  Added per-run DV autocross scoring.
DE7.2  Added Cell Temperature Monitoring Device (CTMD) specification
DE7.4.4  Fixed typo.
DE7.4.11  Faulty logs are DQ not DNF.
You can find the FSG 2019 Competition Handbook V1.1 in the rules section:

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