02 April 2018 14:00

The updated FSG 2018 Competition Handbook is online!

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The FSG 2018 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2018, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It has been updated in the following chapters.

DE1.7.2    Added technical inspection briefing.
DE1.7.3    Added RFID-wristband scanning.
DE1.7.4    Missing the briefing means missing the dynamic events for drivers.
DE4.1.1    Entrance pass handling changed.
DE4.3.3    Added information about live-timing.
DE4.4.1    Added information about announcements.
DE4.5.1    Added information about welding.
DE4.6.1    Added information about tyre service.
DE4.7       Added information about fuel station.
DE4.8.1    Added information about engine test area.
DE4.9.1    Added information about team package at event control.
DE4.10.1  Added information about driver registration.
DE4.11.6  Added technical inspection procedure.
DE4.13.6  Added technical inspection time slot procedure.
DE4.14.5  Added re-inspection procedure.
DE4.15.1  Added accumulator inspection procedure.
DE4.15.3  Added accumulator inspection drop off.
DE6.3       Relaxed availability of lines for trackdrive.
DE6.4.1    Skidpad will not be made artificially “wet”.
DE7.3.14  Added clarification about EMI with Data Logger.
DE7.5.1    Clarify gear in neutral for DV combustion if R2D defined off.

You will find the FSG 2018 Competition Handbook V1.1 in the rules section:

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