06 February 2008 23:13

Steering Committee reviews possibilities to increase starting grids

Category: General, Competition
By: Birgit Pattberg, Christine Baur

We are all aware of the highly demanding work to be done in preparation of a Formula Student event. The dissapointment of the 25 teams, that did not get one of the 64 places in the Formula Student Germany (FSG) ist more than understanding.

Therefore, today the FSG Steering Committee has decided to review the possibilites of admitting more teams at the 2008 event. Quality, security, transparency and above all fairness remain key perequisites.

All aspects of FSG will be taken into account, for example the availability of pits and further rooms for static events, more judges, additional personal and increased scrutineering capacity, changing schedules - to name just a few.

An increase in teams must not affect quality and especially security for all participants of the FSG event 2008. Our decision will be published on the FSG website within the next two weeks.

We are overwhelmed by the response to the FSG and will do everything to honour your commitment.

FSG Steering Committee

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