29 July 2014 23:00

Spanner the Drone

Category: Competition, 2014, General

The FSG Team are working hard to complete the set up of the FSG site at the Hockenheim Ring. Despite the grey weather, the atmosphere is buzzing as we await the arrival of the teams to FSG 2014.  

One of our latest team members is “Spanner the Drone”. Currently being tested, this camera drone is the latest member of the FSG Media team and will hopefully be buzzing around the track to help to produce a brand new perspective of the Formula Student Germany competition.

To all teams and visitors. Please note that “Spanner the Drone” is the only drone that may be used on the Formula Student Site. Its operator has been specially trained to only operate in the legally allowed conditions.



No other drone of any type may be operated on the Formula Student Germany site at the Hockenheim Ring.


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