09 August 2019 12:52

Snapshot - Thursday at #FSG19

Category: Competition, 2019

Thursday is mainly statics and inspection day as well. Nevertheless the first of the dynamic events took place. The driverless Skid Pad, where the teams competed for the first dynamic points. In the evening the Engineering Design finals of FSD and FSE took place at two different locations. Engineering Design finals means that all participating judges can see every car and talk to each team member in the finals. The idea behind the finals is to make the evaluation as comparable as possible. Before the finals were started the #FSG19 Big Panorama Picture was taken with all teams and cars on the dynamic area. Beginning 20:00 CEST the best FSC Business Plans were presented on the main stage. In the later evening the finalists of FSC Enginerering Design finals as well as the Cost & Manufacturing finalists of all classes were published. Below you can find all choosen finalists off the day. The winner will be announced at the first Award Ceremony on Saturday evening. Now we are looking forward to the dynamic events.

FSC Business Plan Finalists

  • 202 Graz TU
  • 243 Pisa U
  • 258 Paderborn U

FSC Engineering Design Finalists

  • 202 Graz TU
  • 222 Karlsruhe KIT
  • 225 Athen TU
  • 229 Stuttgart U
  • 238 Graz UAS
  • 274 Brno TU
  • 294 Esslingen UAS

FSC, FSD, FSE Cost & Manufacturing Finalists

  • FSC 238 Graz UAS
  • FSC 399 Karlsruhe UAS
  • FSD 426 Stuttgart U
  • FSD 433 Z├╝rich ETH
  • FSD 478 Hamburg TU
  • FSD 485 Delft TU
  • FSE 26 Stuttgart U
  • FSE 40 Eindhoven TU
  • FSE 97 Schweinfurt UAS
  • FSE 85 Padova U

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