01 December 2017 17:04

SimScale and Formula Student Germany offers Free FEA Simulation Workshop

Aerodynamics and CFD are only one part of the equation when designing a Formula Student race car. Finite Element Analysis is another fast and convenient tool for approximating solutions to a variety of complicated engineering problems involving structural components and overheating. 

SimScale and Formula Student Germany have again joined forces to offer a free workshop – this time about structural analysis and thermal management in vehicle design. During the 2-session course, students will receive a hands-on, interactive introduction to the Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis and Thermal Analysis. Completing the course will enable participants to improve the structural integrity and performance of their own car design. 

Every session comes with an optional homework assignment. Submitting all homework assignments will qualify participants for a Certificate of Completion. All participants have free access to SimScale with all the required simulation features.

The workshop will be delivered as a 2-session online course (webinars) which will allow any team, anywhere in the world to attend without travel costs. There is no limitation regarding the number of participants.


The workshop consists of 2 online webinar sessions and corresponding homework assignments to help you gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis

With a cloud-based approach, you only need a laptop and internet access to join the webinar sessions and perform the simulation exercises.

Learning is based on an original CAD model designed and used by a competitive Formula Student team.  Participants will be provided with the model as well as generic simulation templates which can be easily adapted to their own designs. 

Participants who submit all homework assignments will receive a special Certificate of Completion. 


Session #1: Wednesday, December 6th - 7:00: PM CET / 1:00 PM ET

Introduction to Structural Analysis

The first session will introduce the participants to the Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). As a hand-on exercise, participants will perform a static structural analysis of the front upright of a Formula Student car.

Session #2: Wednesday, December 13th - 7:00: PM CET / 1:00 PM ET

Introduction to Thermal Analysis

The second session will focus on thermal analysis and cooling. Participants will learn about different thermal analysis types. As a hand-on exercise, participants will perform a heat transfer analysis of the cooling system of the electrical motor.

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