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02 March 2015 20:47

Review on the welding workshop at SLV

Category: Workshops, 2015, Academy

On 13 and 14 February 2015 the annual welding workshop in the SLV Mannheim was held with 30 participants from different formula student teams.
After a welcome by Dr. Ludwig Vollrath (FSG) and Mr. Ernst Bauer (SLV) the participants went into two groups for introduction to welding. In the two-day workshop, the participants learned the Wolframinertgasschwei├čverfahren (TIG) welding under the guidance of the teacher Mr. Rettig, Mr. Kica and Mr. Wuest. The aim was to combine 2mm steel sheets with a weld fillet, to weld steel pipes and also to connect aluminum sheets.
The students here were given the opportunity to implement the theoretical knowledge from the lecture in practice. The aim of the workshop is to give the team secure welding and to improve the quality of the welds. Seven participants completed the workshop successfully with a welder's qualification test.

(by Nicole Kummelt)



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