04 August 2019 21:25

Remember the 12m Truck-Trailer limit and watch out the new entrance routes

Category: Competition, 2019

Before you load your truck and set up to Hockenheim, please read DE4.1 of the Competition Handbook again. These rules are the same like last year.
You can only use one team truck (including trailer <=12m long) for unloading your racecar and equipment in the pits.

We are limited in time and space and cannot allow more that this one truck per team - or larger vehicles as they do not fit through certain parts of the driving route.
It is also not possible to join as two teams and use one 24m truck. Please stick to these rules to ensure a smooth operation for everybody involved.

Because of construction works at the Hockenheimring the truck parking is relocated and unfortunately 300m further from the pits compared to last year.

Please have a look at the Maps detailing the entrance

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