27 February 2013 23:00

Registration as participant and letter of invitation for your visa

Category: 2013, Competition, General

Please note that all selected team members for FSG13 which uploaded their valid Health Insurance Card (HIC) and passed the HIC-check, will find a personalized letter of invitation in their account overview. This letter may be necessary for your visa application.

How does the team member registration as event participant work?

  1. Make sure you are registered as team member of your team
    (My Team => Members)
    e.g. http://www.formulastudent.de/fsc/all-fsc-teams/team-members/tid/372/
  2. Please upload and fill out all necessary data in your profile
    (Rules => Team Member Designation)
  3. Make sure your team captain selects you in the event settings as participant
    (My Team => Events => Settings of FSG13)
    e.g. http://www.formulastudent.de/fsc/all-fsc-teams/team-events/event-settings/etid/372/eid/11/
  4. You will receive an email once we have verified your HIC

It is your own responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for the registration as event participant and visa application. The FSG team cannot be held responsible in any way for too late or rejected visa applications. Please make sure you have a valid HIC as soon as possible!

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