04 June 2008 06:13

Programme magazine uploads for team and car information

Category: Competition
By: Birgit Pattberg

To inform participants, judges, sponsors and visitors about the dates and locations of proceeding disciplines or events during Formula Student Germany 2008, we will offer a programme magazine for free. In addition to the basic information there will also be some articles useful for visitors as well as for the teams.

We have reserved half a page for each team to introduce themselves and their current car. Format and elements are fixed, it is up to the teams to fill it with content in order to present their team. These information will also appear on the FSG website in “team events” shortly before the event.

To facilitate the data handling we have installed upload opportunities similar to the uploads the teams still know from e.g. SEF, Cost Report or Design Report. This upload has to be done until the 15th of June.

After the login teams will find the magazine upload under "MyTeam" and there under "Events", where in the end of the line of "Formula Student Germany 2008" a symbol is displayed for the magazine upload. Following the link, information about the elements is provided.

The following is required: a text with max. 1.000 characters incl. space characters, car details by filling out an online form, a picture of the car and CAD front-, side- and top-view of the car. The elements are specified, so please read the requirements attentively.

The deadline 15th of June is also displayed in the event deadlines for the teams.

For questions about the requested input please email to magazine(at)formulastudent.de.

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