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05 April 2017 03:45

Preliminary Spec Sheet of the FSG Data Logger published

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FSG2017 Data Logger

Due to the lessons learned operating the now 6 year old Energy Meter and because of the addition of the FSD class, which demands a data logger, FSG has decided to develop a new FSG Data Logger integrating both functions.

With the increase in functionality, the data logger grows slightly in size as well, but mainly because of a bigger current sensor which provides a better signal quality. Teams will now be able to download logged data via Ethernet without the assistance of a competition official and the data download will be a lot faster as it is done via Ethernet. Furthermore a CAN interface is provided which offers real-time, but downsampled data as recorded by the Energy Meter part of the logger. FSD teams also have to use this interface to provide the respective data as stated in FS Rules 2017 DV1.3 The preliminary FSG Data Logger spec sheet can be found in the rules & important documents section along with a STEP model of the data logger for easy integration.

FSG2017_Data_Logger_Specification_v0.85_01.pdf824 Ki
FSG2017_Data_Logger_STEP_01.zip1.12 Mi

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