17 February 2008 20:15

Number of starting grids increased to 78

Category: General, Competition
By: Birgit Pattberg, Christine Baur

After the unexpected number of applications for the Formula Student Germany 2008 we analysed all processes to identify the maximum number of possible teams. As result, the number of starting grids will be increased from 64 to 78, enabling an additional 14 teams from the waiting list to participate. This number represents the absolute maximum of teams the organisation is capable to handle with regards to space, personnel and financial capacities.

We ask everybody to support our efforts to put up a high quality, safe, fair and transparent event. A special address goes to our sponsors, to help supporting this unexpected additional task as well as to all honorary judges and helpers.

Special thanks go to the Hockenheimring GmbH, spontaneously offering additional support and space. The enlargement of the event nevertheless causes significant challenges and some restrictions will have to be made. Teams will certainly experience longer queues and more time will be needed for results. But with regards to quality, security, transparency and fairness we cannot and will not make any restrictions.

We are very thankful for the great demand to participate at the FSG. The more we regret to not being able to welcome all registered teams to Hockenheim this summer.
Therefore we ask all admitted teams for a truthful self assessment and to give up their place in case a participation becomes unlikely. As an exception, the participation fee (minus PayPal fees) will be reimbursed if cancelled before 31st of May.

We thoroughly analysed the server files during the hot phase of registration. Despite the short server problems, the registration process was totally correct.

All teams that move up from the waiting list will receive an Email and will be asked to pay their registration fee within 72 hours beginning from Tuesday, 19th February 2008, 13.00 CET, via PayPal.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fair Event Formula Student Germany 2008. A great bit larger than we expected!

FSG Steering Committee

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