22 March 2020 10:00

No Formula Student Germany Competition in 2020

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Dear Teams, Partners and friends of FSG,

The current spread of the Corona Virus/CoViD19 is reaching a level of criticality which is higher than most of us would have expected. This situation calls for responsible actions from all of us.

Formula Student is a competition and concept that is developed around a team. It is about working together to create something unique, something meaningful and to learn a lot whilst doing it.

However, as Organisers, as Teams and as the Formula Student family, we have the responsibility to put the protection of our parents, grandparents and neighbours above one’s personal interest. For that reason, it is with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel any Formula Student activities of 2020.

This means: We will neither execute the planned event nor postpone FSG to a later date in 2020. We also stop mastering any deadline and do not expect any submission of documents for 2020 anymore. We are pressing a big “freeze” button.

In your own interest and society’s interest, we strongly advise all teams to refrain from working in physical proximity/groups on cars or in offices. Any team that ignores this advice and tries to gain a benefit from using the freeze risks to be banned from future competitions.

This decision naturally raises a number of questions, such as the impact on registration fees, potential participation in future events etc. We do not have all answers yet and need some time to clarify all aspects. We will of course communicate more details as soon as possible. However, we wanted to inform all participants without any delays.

Please respect our decision and act according to the recommendations/legislation in your individual country, your university and especially the World Health Organisation. 

This is the chance for all of us to achieve something even greater by actually doing nothing and help to slow the spread down. 

We hope you understand that this decision is without alternative.

Please stay healthy,

Tim Hannig 


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