18 March 2017 19:10

New website tool for creating the (C-)BOM is online!

Category: Competition, 2017

We are pleased to introduce a new tool to the Formula Student community. All team captains are now able to create the (Costed) Bill of Material in their team area, regardless of whether their team is registered for the FSG 2017.

Creating of all your parts in the given systems and assemblies should be uncomplicated and intuitive. Non purchased parts must be described in more detail, regarding materials, processes, fasteners or tooling. 

According to the rule DE4.1.1, a Costed BOM must be created only for the suspension system (yellow) and explained in the Cost Explanation File (rule S2.7).

A pdf/csv export will be added later in order to submit the created BOM until the deadline of FSG2017 or other competitions.

If you have any questions, please use our Rules Tracker.

Have fun with the new tool!

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