21 April 2014 19:55

New Version of the FSC and FSE rules published

Category: Competition, 2014

The FSG rules committee has recently noticed that the number of videos and pictures showing unsafe testing conditions has reached an alarming number. So far rule 3.10 of both rule sets adressed this in general, but did not sharply specify consequences.

The FSG rules committee believes that teams breaching this rule might need more time to prepare for Scrutineering as they seem to have a lack of rules knowledge. This time will from now on be granted to those teams by moving them to the end of the Scrutineering order no matter which place they reached in the Scrutineering quiz.

This decision has to be made unanimously by all members of the FSG rules committee. If it has been decided to move a team to the end of the Scrutineering order, this decision will be made public on the FSG website. Only new breaches of this rule will be addressed.

The following pictures and videos show team behaviour which would have led to punishment by moving the team to the end of the Scrutineering order.

Please note that these examples should help you to identify risky situations where a safer behaviour would have been possible. It is not our intention to point fingers at the respective teams and we also acknowledge that the examples show different levels of unsafe behaviour.

We all know the video of the students testing their impact attenuator by crashing into an excavator. However, this seems not to be available online anymore.

Driving without any driver gear, while holding a laptop and in an inappropriate venue:

Participating in a hill climb:

Driving without proper driver gear:
Driving without driver gear in an inappropriate venue:
Sitting in a running car without any driver gear:
Driving without helmet (1:21) and wheel-to-wheel racing (9:49):

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