02 October 2009 02:35

New organizational structure of Formula Student Germany

Category: General

In September this year the Formula Student Germany (FSG) board has approved a new FSG organizational structure and decided to strengthen the team by taking on new voluntary members.

These changes in structure and human resources have been decided upon in order to meet the growing demands on event preparation and challenging event contents.

Formula Student Germany is managed by the members of the Board. They decide on goals as regarding content, rule changes as well as possible expansion of and additions to the competition. The Board maintains contact with the event host VDI and other Formula SAE competitions around the world.

The division managers of the Executive Committee (EC, formerly Steering Committee) are responsible for a single field of the competition. They implement the structural and strategic decisions of the board. In which they are supported by several heads of department of the Operative Team, who are in charge of sub-fields. At the very core of the event are the so-called “Red Shirts”, eager helpers who take on all kinds of tasks during the event.

The voluntary team of Formula Student Germany


Formula Student Germany members of the board


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