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21 July 2011 00:05

New Award: Media Award

Category: media award, 2011, FSG Award

To those teams out there who enjoy reporting, we have created an award for you. The Media Award.

You have until 17:00h on the 7th August to produce a video of max. 30 seconds in length under the topic FSG Advertisement.

The submitted videos will be checked by the organisation for suitability and streamed shortly before the final prize giving ceremony on the roof of the boxes. The videos will also be forwarded to the press.

Judging will take place during the weeks after the event and the award will be presented at the FSG Workshop in autumn. The winning team will receive an early registration slot.


Target Audience: Sponsors and potential future teammates
Language: English
Length: max. 30 seconds
Content: The video must promote FSG to sponsors and future Formula Student participants. How you do this is up to you, although unsuitable content will not be shown.
Format: mp4 / h.264, in a .zip folder / up to 1080p
Submission: Please upload your application for the award via the FSG website (=> MyTeam => Events => Deadline) by August 7th 2011 17:00 CEST latest.

All submitted videos will be automatically copyright to FSG.


The prize for this award is an invitation to the main FSG workshop this fall where the advertisement will be played to new FSG participants.

The winners will also receive an early registration slot to FSG 2012.
The best 3 videos will be posted on the Formula Student website.

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