13 August 2014 01:23

MATLAB & Simulink free of charge + Racing Lounge video podcast (Kopie 1)

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By: Christoph Hahn

Dear Formula Student Teams,

it was a pleasure meeting you at Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim. With this news you get relevant information how MathWorks is supporting your team.

Free of charge access to MATLAB, Simulink and 39 Add-Ons
By participating at Formula Student Germany you already have access to MATLAB, Simulink and 39 Add-Ons. Even if you are using a campus license for your work, you can benefit from the software offer as it contains add-ons that are usually not purchased by universities, such as the Embedded Coder or the Real-Time Windows Target. Furthermore, you can install the products on your machine. We suggest to proceed as follows:

  1. Define one team member as MathWorks license admin
  2. Go to http://mathworks.com/fsg_software
  3. Insert your information.

MathWorks will respond within 72 business hours. You will receive instructions for downloading the software and distributing it to your team members.


MATLAB & Simulink Racing Lounge
The MATLAB & Simulink Racing Lounge, http://mathworks.com/racinglounge, features a video podcast series covering topics relevant for your success. Recent episodes have been:

  • Interview with Owen Carless (Chief Judge, FSG 2014)
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • CAD Import in SimMechanics

Did you like it? - Are you missing any topics? - Do you have a nice solution using MATLAB or Simulink that you want to share?

Please let us know via our team email formulastudent(at)mathworks.com


Further Resources
Leverage other resources such as Interactive tutorials, classroom resources and webinars on the FSG portal page, http://mathworks.com/fsg.


Cheers, Christoph Hahn
MathWorks Student Competition Team
eMail: formulastudent(at)mathworks.com 


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