08 April 2013 19:47

Information on VDI membership for Formula Student Germany Teams

Category: General

VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure/Association of German Engineers) has been co-founding, supporting and sponsoring Formula Student Germany since its very first year. German participants join VDI to take part in the competition. This year, VDI has decided that membership for those who participate as members in German teams will be free of charge for the whole of 2013.

Team Captains will provide lists of their team members giving VDI membership details. Those participants who have already paid their 2013 membership fee (28 €/year for student members) will be granted a credit. Those who are in the process of joining VDI will not receive an invoice. VDI will attend the Hockenheim event as a sponsor and will be happy to greet their new members, as well as all participants from abroad and overseas, to explain our work and the numerous benefits of VDI membership. We are also preparing activities that might interest you if you have time to spare or kill during the event, so just come over for a chat.

Counting approximately 150.000 members, VDI is one of the largest associations of engineers and natural scientists in the world, founded in 1856. Its volunteer experts from all fields of engineering constitute a network that fosters standardization, information exchange, and thus technical progress for the benefit of all engineers and ultimately, society as a whole.

Membership is personal and of course, available to every engineer, natural scientist and student of these subjects worldwide. However, VDI wishes to point out that to get the full benefits of membership you require at least very good passive notions of the German language, since most of our material is in German only.

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