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03 August 2021 22:31

Important Information for Virtual Statics

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Dear all,
we have changed the judging days for FS-Driverless vehicles to Friday. This had to be done to balance the available number of judges on both judging days. In addition, it provides more time to transfer home for teams participating at FS East.


Updated Schedule

Thursday, 12th of August
FSC Business Plan Presentation
FSE Engineering Design and Cost

Friday, 13th of August
FSD, FSE Business Plan Presentation
FSD, FSC Engineering Design and Cost

Additional Uploads needed for Design/Cost Event

To ensure that the judges get a good impression of your car before the virtual statics please upload the following items by Monday 9th of August 23:59 CET:

  • Vehicle Appearance Video [VAV]
    Max. 30sec video from car (all four corners/ walk-around)
  • Vehicle Appearance PDF [VAP] 
    PDF with 12x close-up shots (check lighting, add page numbers, max. 40MB file size)
    • 3x Aero package (if aero is existent)
    • 2x Engine/ electric drive compartment incl. gearbox/ differential
    • 1x HV-battery (open cover)
    • 1x Driver office incl. possible adjustments and available driver information
    • 1x front, 1x rear Wheel hub, upright and wishbone close-up front/rear
    • 1x front, 1x rear Spring/ damper/ ARB + adjustments
    • 1x Innovation/ free to choose
    • [FSD only] max. 5x Close-up shots of braking, steering system, sensor setup 

“How-to” Virtual Judging

In addition, we have put the following FAQ together:

  • The invitations to your judging slots will be send latest next week Tuesday to the event captains, please forward to the required team members.
  • Please use headsets if you are in the same room (better: try to be in separate rooms).
  • Please have a minimum of 2 members with mobile phone/camera connected to the design/ cost judging main room to show vehicle details to the judges if requested.
  • Judges may request a sketch or chart during the judging process.
  • Please prepare either a digital solution (e.g., tablet + electronic pencil for Zoom-integrated whiteboard app) or simply use pen/ paper.
  • Break-out-rooms for Engineering Design:
    • Students and judges may move themselves between the breakout rooms as necessary, and also back to the main room.
    • Please note: Depending on your judging group, one judge may be covering more than one area of expertise.
    • Additionally, some teams may have students covering more than one area of expertise. Please clarify with your judging group before moving to the respective breakout room.

 Setup of break-out-rooms

1 Overall Vehicle Concept Overall Vehicle Concept
2 Vehicle Performance Vehicle Performance
3 Mechanical - Frame Mechanical - Frame
4 Mechanical - Suspension/Brakes Mechanical - Suspension/Brakes
5 Drivetrain/Motor Drivetrain/Motor
6 Battery or Engine Battery or Engine
7 Aerodynamics Aerodynamics
8 LV-Electronics Hardware
9 Driver Interface Sensors & Perception
10 - Localization & Mapping
11 - Planning & Control

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