16 August 2023 21:29

Heating up FSG 2023 - Day 3 Recap

Following the footsteps of the blazing heat, the teams were absolutely on fire as they battled through technical inspection today.

To beat the heat, some team members took a dive in our pool while waiting for their car to pass inspections.

But the action didn't stop there, the first Business Plan Presentations took place today, revealing the strategic minds behind the incredible FS cars. As if that wasn't enough, the Engineering Design and Cost & Manufacturing Events began, where the teams impressed us by showcasing their innovation and resourcefulness.

Tune in again tomorrow and get ready for some mind-blowing autonomous driving action as we kick off the Dynamic Events with DV SkidPad. Keep an eye on our website and socials, as things are about to get seriously fast and futuristic on the track!

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