21 February 2014 14:30

Got IT skills? We need help!

Category: General, 2014
By: Wolf-Bastian Pöttner

The team of the Formula Student Germany tends to do things a bit different than others. Are you never satisfied and always striving for the best? Do you work day and night just to get the tiny details right? Are you a team player and interested in playing with new technology? Do slow processes frustrate you? Are you motivated by tight deadlines and never accept no for an answer? Come and join us as a volunteer, meet people that are just as crazy as you are and experience the highly rewarding FSG event from front-row seats!

If you are interested, please mail your application to
it-jobs(at)formulastudent.de. Please include a letter of motivation and possibly samples of your work.

WiFi Operator
We are looking for people with hands-on networking experience to operate the on-site wired and wireless networks. Linux knowledge, scripting capabilities (bash, python, etc.) and experience in IP routing and VLANs are required. Good communicative abilities and English and German language skills are a plus.

Android and iOS App Developer
Android devices are used in several areas of the FSG competition. We are looking for Android and iOS App developers to design and implement Apps for visitors as well as solutions to support our internal processes. Good communicative abilities and English and German language skills are required. Experience with network protocols and RFID technology are a plus.

Java and PHP Software Developer
Custom software is used in many areas of the FSG competition such as timekeeping, scoring and ruling. We are looking for software developers with experience in Java and PHP to extend the IT team. Object-oriented design skills and knowledge in revision control systems are required. Experiences in automated software testing and embedded software development are a plus.

On-Site IT Supporter
We are looking for communicative people with a professional attitude to handle IT problems on-site. You can work in a team of dedicated volunteers to provide IT support for sponsors and FSG officials. Experience with Windows systems and strong problem solving skills are a must. Hands-on experience with Mac OS X and Linux is a plus. Good communicative abilities and English and German language skills are required.

Enclosure Designer
We are looking for people with experience in designing and manufacturing custom enclosures for hand-held devices using fused deposition modelling. Experience with CAD systems is a must. Hands-on experience with off-the-shelf FDM printers and printing contractors is a plus.

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