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29 July 2015 14:47

FSGS - Formula Student Sponsors Challenge

Category: Competition, FSG Award

A new Formula Student is born – FSGS (Formula Student Sponsors) or how we call it: Pimp My Ride.

Every Sponsor received a basic vehicle (Bobby Car) which shall be tuned and customised by Sunday where they will be judged by a special jury. If they are able to start at acceleration (Saturday) it will result in extra scores.

As every FS challenge has its rules, Formula Student Sponsors has its own rules, too. First, everything is allowed and particularly help from teams and 3rd parties is absolutely welcome. Use of explosives require scrutineering and of course a Scrutineering Order. Most important aspect – the vehicle needs a name!

Be creative, ask for help if needed, and enjoy the challenge! We are curious about the outcome.

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