20 May 2021 23:55

FSG21 Schedule - 80 Teams - Virtual Statics - Helpdesk

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Dear Teams, Partners and Friends of FSG,
as we approach many official FSG deadlines, we would like to inform you on the following changes and procedures for the competition in 2021.

All static disciplines will be held as virtual events on Thursday, 12th and Friday, 13th of August
To limit contacts, we have decided to organize the Engineering Design Event, Business Plan Presentation and the Cost & Manufacturing Event as online sessions. The disciplines will take place on Thursday and Friday (12th -13th August) prior to the event in Hockenheim. All Teams will be informed about their timeslot well in advance. Consequentially, only the technical inspection and the dynamic disciplines take place onsite in Hockenheim at FSG 2021.

Reduction of number of competition days in Hockenheim to six – Monday, 16th to Saturday, 21st August.
Because of fewer teams compared to 2019 and no static events in Hockenheim, we have reduced the total number of competition days.

The number of participating teams will be increased by 22 to 80 whilst decreasing the number of members per team to eight
Especially during the pandemic our main goal is to keep the FS spirit alive and to give as many teams as possible the chance to show what they have achieved during the year. As we decided to hold the statics virtually, we saw the opportunity to increase the number of teams whilst maintaining the total number of people onsite. We will achieve this by providing the pits of the CV teams on the marquee above the pits. After thoughtful consideration we will decrease the number of team members per team from ten to eight. 

The total of 22 teams will move up from the waiting list to a tentative participation list. However, if the pandemic situation requires to reduce the number of participants, these 22 teams will be the first to be withdrawn. Given the current estimate, however, we do not assume that this will be necessary.

Teams with one vehicle in two classes
Some time ago, we conducted a survey among the teams as to who would like to participate with one vehicle in two classes already this year, EV/CV and DV respectively. Five teams are already ready and will do so. This means that there will be more slots available for teams moving up. These teams will be allowed to participate in Hockenheim with 10 participants due to more disciplines on site.

Schedule and Competition Handbook
The official schedule has been published (https://fsg.one/schedule). The Competition Handbook will be updated in a timely manner to address virtual disciplines and hygiene measures.

We have also set up a ticketing system for questions regarding the website and the event. All users will find the links at the bottom of their My Account page. These links should be used for all requests. fsg.one/questions

Stay safe and healthy

Formula Student Germany 

Partners of FSG 2024