27 October 2019 09:50

FSG Strategic Announcement - Feedback

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Dear all,

we knew we would cause very controversial reactions. Still, we want to react to some of the points mentioned.

It is a bold step and we are aware of that. When FSE and FSD was introduced, we received very radical feedback as well. Back then, teams started from the very beginning, without any knowledge or any network that could support the brave step. Once again, we set new impulses to the competition with the new concept.

Why do we focus solely on BEV? We considered allowing other types of drivetrain like fuel cells or hydrogen engines. And we still consider it for the future. However, we decided to continue with electric drivetrains for now.

As mentioned in the strategic announcement, we do not require the teams to compete driverless in Acceleration and Skip Pad at FSG. It is still allowed to compete both with and without a driver. However, we are convinced that teams on a smaller budgets will find creative technical solutions for their cars to successfully compete under predefined conditions of the two disciplines.

Finally, we also promised in the announcement that we would actively support the teams over the next years. We already started this year with the workshop at AID and we will continue with further workshops and other activities to help the teams.

For questions and feedback please use our feedback tool. We will collect your input and answer your questions discuss during the FSG Workshop.

Best regards,

Formula Student Germany
Board & Executive Committee

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