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11 December 2015 01:49

FSG Rules 2016 published

Category: Competition

The rules set for year 2016 have been published in the rules section.

The new rules represent adjustments that are results of the feedback and the observations made in the last years. The rules book documents the valid rules for both electric and combustion cars.

Major changes or new rules are specifically the dates for registration (2.2) and the tire rules (4.7/4.8) that describe that only one set of tires may be used for all dynamic events and that no tire treatment is permitted at all.

Another major change lies in rule 2.3.2 for monocoque structure cars. The responsibility for the SES lies with the teams who will have to provide documentation to proof the evaluation has been checked and confirmed.

All rules apply and shall be studied carefully for preparation of the season 2016. Good luck to all teams and see you in Hockenheim.


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