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22 July 2019 12:50

FSG Kube "Crashbox Award"

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For more than 20 years Kube has been developing requirement-oriented solutions for safety-critical applications in automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors. 

One of our core competences is vehicle safety. We simulate high-speed crashes. With precise predictions about the mechanical behaviour of the vehicle structure we support automotive manufacturers in developing safe and lightweight cars - for both street and racetrack. Due to this expertise it is us who reviews your IADs.

We support Formula Student because we believe that it attracts and promotes high-potentials in engineering and entrepreneurship. By now, more than ten former team members are part of our company and we highly appreciate their diligence, dedication and competence. Those who dare, can face challenges in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, such as autonomous driving, machine learning or hybrid materials.

We are proud to be part of this great competition and wish best of luck to all teams.

“FSG Kube Crashbox Award”

For the second time at FSG 2019 Kube GmbH Ingenieurbüro is sponsoring the “FSG Kube Crashbox Award”. Kube is an expert in vehicle safety and has been reviewing the IAD (Impact Attenuator Data Form) for several years now.

Awarded will be the team that has shown in their IAD that they have dealt intensively with the matter of safety. Awarded will be both innovation and engineering approach that shows functional target-setting, concept studies, design and verification with the proper use of physical testing and advanced simulation methods.

This year’s winner will be awarded with 1.000€ in material and 400-h CPU-runtime on the K³-cluster (explicit simulations and optimizations with LS-Dyna) for next season’s crashbox design.

General Conditions

  • Standard IA are excluded from the selection
  • Vehicles with an aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel are also be excluded from the selection. However, if the anti-intrusion plate is made from CFRP approval is possible.
  • The basis for the rating is the IAD. No additional document needs to be written nor will they be considered.
  • All requirements of the rules must be met.
  • Only those with max. one additional rework are allowed

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