12 December 2021 14:18

FSG Grid Show Recap - Wednesday

In Wednesday's Grid show, we looked at Formula Student from the perspective of various participants.

Firstly, we gained some interesting insights on the Technical Inspection. A big thanks again to our guests and experts in this field, Jet and Sarah. Both are former members of formula student teams and have been participating as Scrutineers at Formula Student Germany for a many years. In the show, they not only shared their observations regarding the technical preparation of the teams with us, but also showed us the world of scrutineering. Are you curious about the details? Check out the whole Interview during Wednesday's Grid Show.

After this interview, we presented our audience a short tour through the pits. Normally, it is practically obligatory for every attendee of Formula Stundent to roam the pits and steal a peek at alternative technical approaches. This year, our reporter Tim visited some teams in their pits for you. By conversing with students from a select few teams we gave you glimpse at some of the meaningful and impressive technical highlights this year in the Tech Talk 1 & Tech Talk 2 !

If you were following Formula Student Germany 2021, you would know that the Engineering Design event has held online one week before the physical event. Thanks to this circumstantial anomaly, we had the opportunity to review the first virtual static competition with five of our judges. A unique chance to get a look behind the scenes in our Judge Interview.

Of course, digital media impressions have been an important component the daily Grid Show, so we took the opportunity to introduce our media team. Thank you for always being there to capture the emotions and highlights of the day! By the way, have seen the Media Team video yet?

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