12 August 2016 18:57

FSG Award “Best Systems Engineering” powered by Schaeffler

Category: Competition

A Formula Student car – independent of being a combustion or an electric one - is a complex system interacting with the driver and its subsystems also interacting with each other. Handling this complexity is one of the main tasks when developing a race car.

To promote and honor the teams’ systems engineering skills, Schaeffler rewarded the best approach based on the following award criteria: Processes Methods/Tools, Project management and System development.

And the winner is RWTH Aachen (Car 99).

UAS Coburg (Car 270)

TU Wroclaw (Car 307)

UAS Zwickau (Car 96)

were the other competing finalists.

Schaeffler is not only a well known supplier of mechanical components, like bearings, valve lifters and clutches but also of complex mechatronical systems like electromechanical anti-roll stabilizers, cam phasers and actuators for double clutch transmissions. To handle this complexity it is necessary to apply a systems engineering approach in order to complete the development successfully within the given boundaries of time, cost and quality. 

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